When Bodybuilding Goes Too Far!

Ronnie Coleman and Flex Wheeler should be given full health care not a plaque or award for heroism!
I’m going to start by saying that no human being is immune from making mistakes in their journey through life. The humility brought by our poor choices in life should be the catalyst to help others from suffering the same fate.
It is a travesty when this humility is not utilized to its full potential in helping others but instead used in doubling down in order to feed our pride and ego.
I think Ronnie Coleman, Flex Wheeler, Dorian Yates and others would be better heroes by coming clean and telling the truth. They should share their stories about what exactly happened to them instead of doubling down on lies and being hailed as heroic and used as recruiting tools for new potential victims. Telling the truth will not only make them heroic but will also make them great assets not just to the bodybuilding community but to humanity.
After witnessing Flex Wheeler and Ronnie Coleman receiving awards for courage and heroism, it dawned on me that the sport of bodybuilding might be dealing with severe cases of mental illness instead of drug abuse. It has become a community where reality is turned upside down while becoming a laughing stock of the sport community.

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