Uncontrollable Physique: The Truth, Concisely

It is impossible for any man to be authentic to self or others while living in self-denial!

I commend Chris Cormier for boldly stepping forward and telling the truth! Who would have thought that someone with such a chiseled balanced physique had muscle-inflating substances inside his muscles?

When I witnessed the likes of Flex Wheeler, Paul Dillet, and many more inflating their muscles with deadly substances in order to compete in bodybuilding contests, I realized my own unawareness of my God-given gift.

I wish that Ronnie Coleman, Dorian Yates, Phil Heath and many others would boldly step forward and tell the truth so that many lives could be saved! It is time to cut off the bullshit and remove the masks! #houdinibodybuilders#muscleoutkast#novalidationneededwww.vicrichards.com


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