The Holistic Bodybuilding Program For People Who Want A Physique that Will Not Wither Over Time

Over the years, Vic Richards has focused his attentions worldwide. Now, he wants to focus one-on-one with clients. Victor has always wanted to help others and make a difference—whether through physical fitness or nutrition. He has always wanted to change lives, and wants to do that through a more focused, individualized approach. How will Vic change lives? Through Vic Richards Workshops. These workshops will teach participants the skills they need to follow for a lifetime. These workshops will also allow the participants to not be dependent on a personal trainer; they will be able to take the skills back to friends and family and share their knowledge. This way, he will be changing lives so that people will be fit for a lifetime—not just in spurts. Recently, Vic has been fortunate to work with athletes one-on-one and help them with body transformations. By teaching them individually, they have been able to help others around them. In order to fully transform his clients, Vic uses his background in Behavioral Science to understand how people ended up where they are—then he can truly help them transform.

Vic Richards Workshops will give participants the initial one-on-one experience with Vic. Vic wants people to interact with him, asking questions, sharing information and bettering themselves and those in their lives. Training with Vic isn’t just for fitness and bodybuilding competitors. Vic takes great satisfaction in training all his clients—from the professional to the “every-man (or woman)”. Vic is able to help you get your body to how it was meant to be. Whether it’s preparing for a competition, getting ready for swimsuit season, or returning your body to pre-baby shape (for mom and dad), Vic can create a program especially for you.




One - Month Training



Three - Month Training



Six - Month Training



Each Training Package includes unlimited email as well as one (1) Skype consultation session per week.
I will share with you the mind and body techniques that have allowed me to pile on muscle density and leave everyone in the dust. I will elaborate how and why they were super effective and share the trade secrets of my success.
Each training program encompasses the following focus in order to make the most of your time and effort:

Vic Richards is one of the most successful bodybuilders and fitness experts of all time. Some of his expertise include:

Trainer for the entertainment industry, professional athletes and Vegas showgirls
Promoter through various media networks and fitness magazines, on the subject of health and nutrition:
Muscle and Fitness magazine
Shape magazine
FLEX magazine
Men’s Health and Fitness magazine

Speaker, at colleges, worldwide bodybuilding and fitness events, spas, resorts and corporate America wellness seminars, including: o Seminar and motivational speaking event for the Dallas Cowboys o Corporate seminar for Vice President and General Managers of 24 Hour Fitness on effectiveness of condition training. Worked directly with CEO Mark Mastrov in restructuring the personal training program for 24 Hour Fitness o Seminar for 24 Hour Fitness corporate executives at employee Summer Blastoff, at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

"You cannot change the body without changing the thought process"

IMPORTANT NOTE: Vic Richards reserves the right to terminate services for conduct we determine to be improper or contrary to our best interests. There are no refunds once training has begun.

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