The universe is constantly revolving and evolving. Nothing is set in stone. A person should never be so set in their ways that they refuse to change or grow.
I knew that to share my story, I must work on forgiveness. A person should never share their story while struggling with grief or anger. These processes require the journey of human consciousness through patience, and self-mastery.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Jim Manion is very wicked and evil. I have forgiven him and his henchmen and ask many of you that have been hurt by these evil men to forgive them in order to find peace within your souls.
Jim Manion is like a violent tornado leaving behind debris and destruction as he sweeps through everything in his path.
During my contract with Joe Weider, my ex-wife almost lost our daughter during her pregnancy due to overwhelming stress that Jim Manion put on my family.
Not only did he work tirelessly to have Weider cancel my contracts, but he also called all the bodybuilding promoters in the United States that had booked me in advance and forced them to cancel my appearances. He tried the same strategy in Europe and failed miserably, with one of the promoters actually telling him that to prevent the world from seeing Vic Richards would be like someone trying to use their thumb to cover up the sun.
He thought blocking all my revenue sources would create hardships for me to the point that I would be left with no choice but to compete so that I could be like the rest of his IFBB puppets.
My love for Bodybuilding hit rock bottom when I tried to help other athletes to land the same massive contract I signed, only to learn that they went to Weider to ask why I should deserve such a huge contract.
I realized that Jim Manion and his henchmen were not the only things that were rotten in bodybuilding. I understood that most of the athletes had a part to play in it as well.
This anger motivated me to venture out of the bodybuilding industry for new entrepreneurship opportunities in the real world, like opening a fitness club, owning a craft beer company, and owning a limousine and party bus company for wine tours and other festivities.

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