The power of forgiveness!

My Brethren,

I want to share the apology I have received from Mr. Andreas Caulings. I want to address that I have wholeheartedly accepted his apology.

“Hi Victor, your fb friend Jeff Roncone had posted that you had passed. I then posted it on my page. I should have gotten it verified before posting. For this I apologize. – Andreas Cahling”

The scriptures say that our Lord loves a remorseful heart.

The forgiveness of our fellow humans is the tiny down payment we put down when we ask our Lord for mercy and forgiveness.

After all, how could we expect God to do for us what we were unwilling to do for our fellow mankind. It is more important for us to be Christlike than to be a Christian.

My definition of consciousness is being more like Christ and trying to constantly remind myself by saying, “What would Christ do?” Instead of “What should Victor do?” One is a state of consciousness and the latter is a state of unconsciousness.

Mr. Andreas Cahlings realizing his wrong and being remorseful was him being in a state of consciousness.

On the behalf of my family, friends and fans I want to thank Mr. Andreas Caulings for his apology and pray that the spirit of our Lord will bless and keep him and his family safe during this Holiday season. Amen 🙏 🙏

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