Humanity requires that we have a conscience but we must be in a state of consciousness to appease it.
This is due to the facts that we are all in different places, spaces, and times. It is the reason why it’s important to always question ourselves instead of telling ourselves.
These are a few of the many questions I’ve asked myself.
Has God given me any type of special gifts that allowed me to be in a position to share information that would have allowed children not to become orphans, women not to become widowed, and parents not having to bury their children, I chose to withhold it for personal gains.
Maybe for a loaf of bread or because I needed to gain the approval of the masses and allowed the deaths and suffering of innocent souls while they wept and mourned as I enjoyed the happiness and fruitfulness of my children?
This could be the difference between your future offspring’s generational curse or blessings.
Moses could have rested comfortably in the palace of Pharaoh! But what did he choose?
Joseph could have forgotten his brother when he became wealthy when he was in charge of the food banks during the time of famine in Egypt.
Do you want your children and your offspring to be cursed or blessed by God? The choice is up to every one of us.

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