In Search Of Championship Glory, These Men Endured Brutal Abuse At The Hands Of Conman

It is said that we are what we honor or give strength to.

No just and compassionate person should stand idle on the sideline and watch while the wicked are having their way.

Yesterday, these men wanted to be champions, but today I’m championing their causes.
In search of fame, trophies, and wealth, they fell prey and victim to one of the most brutal conmen who ever walked on the planet earth. Now they are left in shame, crippled, distressed, and destitute.

This is what I’m fighting against. I want to make sure that no bodybuilder ends up crippled in a wheelchair and disabled, all while the mobsters and money changers are speeding along in their luxury cars and flying high in their private jets at the expense of vulnerable lives and souls.

If standing up against human greed, selfishness, cruelty, and wickedness is what I’m guilty of, then go ahead and crucify me! It is the hill that I’m willing to die upon.

The Lord has made a covenant with me. He said, “My son, go ahead, do what I called you to do!” He said they might try to smear you or defame you, but I will guide and protect you and shall not allow you to bear this cross alone.

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