Identifying the problems and finding the solution!

Now that we have brought to the forefront the problems plaguing bodybuilding, the big question remains: Where do we go from here?

Focusing on problems without offering constructive solutions does not help the situation.
The most pressing problem this industry is facing is ignorance perpetuated and exploited by some for their benefit and profit.

Common sense and reasoning have become increasingly rare, and I believe that those who are exploiting these competitors are targeting those with the limited capacity to think and reason in order to manipulate them.

Some people refuse to acknowledge the reality unavoidably right in front of them.

Those same people will argue aggressively about subjects on which they have little or no knowledge, just because they have heard and uncritically accepted what others have said about these topics.

At times it has been so frustrating for me that I have to work diligently to find peace in the midst of such exasperating people.

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