I hope that you will join me in accomplishing this goal because a human life is a terrible thing to waste and the mind is an even more terrible thing to waste. Anybody can tell you what is wrong with the world, but who else will tell you what to do about it?

We are here to provide options and guidance to the young and the upcoming in bodybuilding and the fitness industry. We want to make them aware that there are different types of bodybuilding by displaying accurate information of the obstacles and hardships that they are about to face so that they can make a rational …

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To the next generation of truth bearers, the main focus of this site is not to present negativity or to criticize any individual, entity, or enterprise. The world already has enough critics, and we don’t need more of them. What we need are critical thinkers and problem solvers because if we are not part of …

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This website is dedicated to those who have stood up and told the truth, no matter the consequences. Those people chose selflessness toward others instead of the selfishness of being validated by mankind. In their honor, I hope to provide a platform that allows their voices to be heard and continues their legacy.

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