Bear with me and follow where I am going with this. This is not about people just taking steroids. It is about them shooting oil inside their individual muscles to deceive people by making them believe that those muscles were actually theirs–muscles they had neither built nor earned!

It is about people injecting heavy narcotic pain killer inside their muscle tissues to mask the pain of injecting substances inside their muscles. It is about insulin, powerful intravenous diuretics, hog feeds and bovine growth hormones for livestock due to the facts that real growth hormones is too expensive so they turn to everything that farmers uses to beef up pork, beef and chicken! Including ingesting rat poison in order to get lean while maintaining their muscle mass!

It is the lifestyle of junkies and has nothing to do with health!

Still wondering why I refused to compete in the dog show? Well, My mother didn’t drop me on my head during birth!

Just as fake as the bogus trophies that have claimed thousands of lives. Hold on tight to your seats because I’m about to make the comfortable uncomfortable! I have never been about seeking likes and validation, nor have I worried about popularity contests.

Does what these guys did or how they built their muscles directly impact me?

Nope, it is simply none of my business. But for so long, others hijacked my voice and controlled the narratives as I stood on the sideline. All I could do was shake my head and laugh. Well, I’m about to take back my voice because it’s important for my fans to know the truth.

I’m not compromised nor do I hold allegiances or loyalty to any individual, cult or organization.

I’m free-spirited and do not do well with a cult mentality. I’m loyal to the truth and nothing but the truth!

I prayed and asked the Lord about how to deal with them and expose the truth.

I asked about what to say and how to say it. The Lord answered and said, “Son, wait and be patient because you cannot expose the truth. I’m going to allow the truth to expose them because I’m the truth and no man is greater than me.” He proceeded to tell me that I am Moses’s Rod and my adversaries are Pharaoh’s Rods.

Boom!!! My adversaries are confessing about how they built their muscles instead of me exposing them. ” Only a fool would say there is no God! #houdinibodybuilders#performers#entertainers#showmen\

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