Identifying the problems and finding the solution!

Now that we have brought to the forefront the problems plaguing bodybuilding, the big question remains: Where do we go ...
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I Want To Revive The Spirit Of Bodybuilding: Please Read And Let Me Hear Your Thoughts

I know that these are highly sensitive and emotional topics that we are dealing with. Though we don't have all ...
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A Message to My Peers!

It is said that we are what we honor or give strength to. No just and compassionate person should stand ...
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Supplements Don’t Work. This Shocking Report Will Help You Finally Cut Diet Supplement Fatigue

This could be a warning shot to the rest of the bodybuilding and fitness fake gurus out there, including the ...
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“There is no force on earth that can stop an idea whose time has come.”

Jimmy, open up the checkbooks and pay these athletes! They have given you their most valuable assets, their body and ...
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The Ultimate Purpose Of Bodybuilding Should Be The Complete Human Development Of Mind, Body, And Spirit

 My message to Pharaoh! Set my people free!!! This is the moment to break the curse and chain of bondage! ...
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Wake Up and Work!

If you think that this a joke? Think again!!! Smart people are waking up but most will find out the ...
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How To Make Your Bodybuilding Style Just As Impressive As The Pros: The Critics Way

This is my critics version of bodybuilding! This is how they practice their bodybuilding "The poster boy of bodybuilding" #muscleoutkast#vicrichards#meditation#spirituality#conciousness#mindbodyspirit ...
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If you happen to find yourself in the marketplace and you are neither the buyer nor the seller, then what ...
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