Vic Richards’ Mission Statement of the Vision of Modern Bodybuilding

Future site of Vic Richards' Bodybuilding, Fitness and Wellness Academy

Future site of Vic Richards’ Bodybuilding, Fitness and Wellness Academy

My philosophy with working out comes from a myriad of reasons:

  • I was frustrated by lies and deceptions in working out.
  • The few who knew were hoarding the information.
  • Most that were selling didn’t know what they were talking about.

However, I also know that common sense and authenticity are not marketable in this industry. It seems that it is necessary to have to lie to the masses and reduce them to a sheer number and force them into cookie cutters in order to make a profit from them. It takes a lot of work to look at a human being individually and design a program that actually works. People are confused by deceit and deception in order to separate them from their wallets.

My most influential frustration? I was one of those people being separated from my wallet growing up, and I still could not find the truth or answer. This left me frustrated and perplexed. This frustration led me to be emotional where I started attacking the industry–exposing the industry–criticizing the industry. Suddenly, I came to a stop and said, “What am I doing here?” After asking myself this question, I came to the theme of healer–healer, heal thyself: ‘Victor, listen to your own doctrine and practice what you preach. If you are not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.’ I just can’t tell people what’s wrong with the industry without giving them another option, another path to lead them on.

Future site of the Academy

Then I came up with an idea–Vic Richards’ Bodybuilding, Fitness and Wellness Academy. The heart of this idea is allowing an individual to come experience the farm, go back to the basics; therefore, an individual could learn what works for his or her own body instead of just being another number in the system. The Academy is about holistic bodybuilding and fitness, where the mind or spirit will not be compromised for the body.

Another frustration I’ve acknowledged over the years is that people who were not meant to have a lot of muscle–eg: scrawny guys getting sand kicked in their faces–when they developed a big amount of muscle, they forgot that they needed to reprogram their mindset along with their body. People will look at them differently. Everything they do will be amplified, so their mind needs to be bigger as well. The way they deal with things and people will be affected because they have more challenges in society to diffuse challenges and stereotypes. The frustration comes from having big people who have the mind of a little person, big guys being stupid or being dumb. It’s like this: if you are used to driving a car, and then someone gave you an 18-wheeler, you can’t go from a class C to a CDL without studying and passing the test–you’ll end up in the ditch.

I was so frustrated as a new, young bodybuilder, and even more so as I spent more time in the industry. Everyone was teaching where to stick the needle, which vitamins and supplements to take, but no one addressed the problem of reprogramming the mind. We know that these types of people continue to perpetuate the stereotypes of big, muscular people. As we know, one of the marks of good advertisement is that everyone is an ambassador to the family, race, sport, country, ethnicity, etc. These people have stunk up the image of bodybuilders by being dumb muscle guys, therefore making it difficult for the art of bodybuilding to grow–even defecating on the sport.

Future site of the Academy
Future site of the Academy

My frustration is being turned into a grass roots’ movement. Instead of talking to the people who don’t get it, I’m focusing on youth and those who are open to our philosophy. The Academy’s philosophy is eating food from the ground, organic foods and meats, deep thinking, spirituality. The mind builds the body, the body doesn’t build the mind.

Through my frustrations, I’ve come full circle, and I’ve realized it’s not telling the world what is wrong because there are a lot of things wrong in the world. I’ve told myself: What are you going to do about it? An authentic ideology is not about pointing out the problems of the world, but finding a solution. That’s why Vic Richards’ Bodybuilding, Fitness and Wellness Academy came to be: “A retreat to enhance a balanced human being, where the mind, body and spirit come together as one.” That’s The Academy’s philosophy for bodybuilding. Instead of a corpse in the graveyard, we can embrace what life has given us and accentuate it. I visualized this Academy as the future of bodybuilding–modern bodybuilding. Eventually, my curriculum of modern bodybuilding will be taught in most of the highest institutions in the world.



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