A conscious mind can never be manipulated because an independent mind is also a free thinker.

Many have asked me, “why are they doing this? Why are they trying to assassinate your character?” The simple answer is that one of the bad physical specimens on earth did not compete and that was bad for business.

I’m still a threat not because of my physique but because of my doctrine. One scholar puts it this way: “a man’s doctrine or philosophy will always outlive him” and there is no better way to kill the message than to destroy the credibility of the messenger.

They have been at it since I told them to take their trophies and titles and shove it. They are simply afraid of the message because the message is greater than the messenger and they do not want you to hear it.

When a person is conscious or in a state of consciousness, he or she will never compromise their life, family, health, dignity or themselves for useless and worthless trophies.

The bodybuilding establishment will no longer be able to create widows and orphans, leaving many in shame and others destitute as they send many young people to their untimely death.

Have you noticed the incapacitated drunk icons? That is someone that is unconscious. As they lay unconscious, thieves and robbers come and ransack their pockets and take all their possessions and, in some cases, their lives.

When you are unconscious you will tolerate something that you never would have under the state of consciousness. We are all unconscious or ignorant in one form or another. It doesn’t make us a fool. What makes a person a fool is staying in the dark despite the abundance of light.

My message is not for fools! My fans are my people and tribe they are not fools. There is a difference between being a fool and being foolish.

Please trust me, I have been foolish many times in my life’s journey. But there is one thing that I know for sure is that ignorance does not make someone a fool if they are willing to seek wisdom and knowledge.

During my next video I will explain why the Lord’s says ” do not mourn the dead but mourn for the living ”

I will also ask my fellow intellectual thinkers, fans “my tribe, and people” some serious questions instead of just sharing my own views. I will let you all draw your own conclusions.

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