Bodybuilding: The Lies You’ve Been Told!

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m baffled beyond belief. The lies that these people in the Bodybuilding industry will come up with would make someone in the graveyard wake up and defend themselves and then go back to the grave.

Yes, a massive amount of steroids, growth hormone and insulin has eaten up a large portion of the brain of deranged delusional sub-human species that have departed from truth and reality.

What is even more mind-boggling are the imbeciles and mental midgets that behoove these lies because they have lost the ability to think independently.

A normal person would hear something and if it doesn’t pass the mustard test they would question the credibility of the deranged liar instead of running with it.

A guy named Ed Connor made up one of the biggest lies against me about an incident that supposedly happened in Gold’s gym. Unfortunately, the interviewer Dave Palumbo of RXMUSCLE lacked the common sense to ask for the police report and the CCTV…Even though every major gym had it in the ’90s especially Gold’s gym where he claimed it happened.

Supposedly a goat chewed up the CCTV and the police report.

Mr. Ed Connor and Dave Palumbo have been asked to produce evidence to support their defamatory accusations against me. To date, no proof or evidence corroborates this story.

At last, I received good news today from Mr. Goldstein saying he has completed his investigative research emphasizing “son we are both going to make a lot of money”.

Mr. Ed Connor after we clear all your possessions and accounts we are going to ask you to join us in prayers and we are going to present you with the bible and Torah. I do not hate the sinner, I hate the sin.

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