Vic Richards’ Instinctive Training: It’s a Crusade, Not a Program

I came to the conclusion that when God has given you a gift, it’s not for you to hoard. Unlike many pro bodybuilders, I never wanted to be a bodybuilder and I didn’t know what bodybuilding was about. But, playing hooky as a 15-year old boy landed me at Gold’s Gym Venice Beach. This is spiritual because remember, God has a purpose of sending me to a place for deliverance. I put my pride and ego aside. To listened to my fans across the world who bombarded me with emails and said, “Victor, we believe in your principles and doctrine, but due to economical situations, we cannot afford your services.” And this is why I reduced the cost of my services: so that I can spread my doctrine of ultimate bodybuilding to the masses. Vic Richards’ Instinctive Training is not a program, it is a ministry. Like a religion. Because the Lord said to whom He has given to, more is required.

In the process of making my program accessible across the world, the teacher becomes the student. I have actually learned that when these people are telling me that they don’t have the access to magazines and media, what seemed like a curse is actually a blessing. These people have actually, without the influence of the media and propaganda, discovered what works. When a supplement company comes to them and tells them that they are selling a meal replacement, these people run to the hills because they can see the snake oil salesman coming! Because they know that supplementation and generics cannot replicate authenticity. Unlike in the Western World, where people can believe that a supplement company can give you a meal-replacement. This will be an article on It is a no-brainer to realize that when a supplement company is giving you a meal replacement, there is something missing. What is the definition of supplement? Secondary. Nothing can actually replace the real, organic meal that you can get at the grocery store. Unfortunately, people in the Western World have lost the ability to think and reason for themselves because they are too lazy and are dictated to by the corporations. Yeah, they complain about being ripped off, but they have the same concept of doing the same thing over and over again to get a different result. The same reason that people vote for the same politicians over and over again and yet complain about them. Supplements are not bad, but they cannot replace real food.  This is what people in non-Western countries already know and practice. The Western medics think that you can give the dead medicine and wake them up. The Eastern medics understand that prevention is worth more than a cure. Vic Richards’ Instinctive Training is a ministry that’s handed out to everyone: the working man, the every-day man--not just the elite. I want them to pass it forward. Not again will they be dictated to, not again will they wait for validation by others. And the only validation they need is from their own Creator, not by man. That is Vic Richards’ Instinctive Training and ministry--it’s not a program.

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