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What to do When You Are Feeling Burnt Out

Take a break Regroup Recharge Refresh your mind At one time or another, we’ve all felt burnt out. Instead of ignoring those feelings and pushing through, it is best to actually take a break. Take two or three days off at the gym--it will do you more good than months of injury recuperation. It’s also important to get rest; and when you come back, it’s good to change your environment. Try out different forms of exercise, just to put the punch back into your training program. Remember Read more [...]

Defining Vic Richards’ Instinctive Training Philosophy

     Before you open your wallet to buy into the latest workout or supplement craze, you might want to read this article. . . Over the years, Vic has had a lot of pros--past and present--keeping their identity anonymous who’ve used his training services. The fact that they came to another pro to train isn’t the big issue--it’s why they came. These people are saying, “We’ve tried the media-hyped fitness gurus and their training is generic and chemically-enhanced. Victor, we know that Read more [...]