One Man’s Perspective

I'm humbled by fans and inspired by critics. I have always respected those that I have opposing views with, and those who have opposing views to mine. The fundamental spirit of human progression is to agree to disagree without persecution and repercussion. I don't believe any human should have to give up their freedom of speech just to pursue their passion--it would mean giving up your soul to gain the world. The human spirit cannot exist without freedom of speech or without being enlightened by knowledge, wisdom and understanding. As we know, our founding fathers and many brave men and women gave up their lives in order to protect this freedom. We are human and it is unrealistic to think that we are always going agree, but we can learn and grow from our differences.VR3707

One thought on “One Man’s Perspective

  1. Gayle Scott

    Very true and when people share and are listened to, there is so much to be learned. We gain understanding and compassion. We still may agree to disagree but we become more enlightened.


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