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Freshly picked from Vic's Sacred Garden.

We all know that fresh fruits and vegetables, and food in general is healthy for us. Even though we've been encouraged to consume large amounts of fruits and vegetables, it has become healthier to avoid these types of food because of the dangers they now represent. Due to genetic modifications, use of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other carcinogenic additives, these fresh fruits and vegetables are now making people sick. It's common sense that if bugs and insects refuse to eat it, it is unhealthy for humans to eat it. Today, we are also being fed sick animals, animals who are given growth hormones and are eating food they aren't meant to eat (herbivores being fed meat, etc.) as well as animals on antibiotics and other hormones. Some of these animals even have cancer, and they are being served to us as "healthy" choices. Vic Richard's Research Institute (VRRI) foresees an exodus of mass movement of people not just eating fresh fruits and vegetables, but growing them in their own backyards in order to stay healthy.

We will feature recipes and information on this page to grow healthier fruits and vegetables and resources to find what you need. We will also be featuring lean, mass-building foods, as well as the foods that have helped Vic Richards break away from the pack. It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle.

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