Common Unnatural, Bizarre Human Behavior

Every time a person decides to take charge of their destiny, all hell will break loose. Pirates and vampires will become furious. Even those who could use your courageous acts for inspiration will even mock and ridicule you for standing up for them; not just for refusing to take the beaten path but also for trying to separate them from the herd. When it comes to human behavior, has something ever baffled you to the point that it seems unnatural and bizarre? Like people fighting against their own interests and well-being, and even more bizarre: when they rise up against those who sacrificed themselves selflessly to stand up for their interests. We tend to think this unnatural human act is an isolated a brain-eating disease, but we're wrong. This Stockholm-like syndrome is actually found in the majority of the masses. No place is this more apparent than national politics and voting ballots. It also trickles down to small sects and groups. I have seen this first-hand in the bodybuilding and fitness industry where this is so apparent. The only conclusion is that few of the powers-that-be have conditioned the minds and souls of the masses to work against their own interests, and this self-obstruction has been passed down from generation to generation, even causing genetic mutation.power meme

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