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State of the Iron

Just the first of more episodes to come! Get the inside scoop and go behind the scenes with legendary Lee Haney's training partner, Rick Giannone and wife Pam. . .talking about the real State of the Iron with Vic--everything that the magazines didn't tell you and more about bodybuilding.                                      Rick and Lee pushing the limits of the body for results.Rick and Lee training hard.    Part One: Part Two: Part Three: Read more [...]

Dedicated in Honor of Cassius Clay–AKA Muhammed Ali– My Great Mentor

On that Judgement Day, when all men are called by God to stand up in front of their Creator, Yahweh, Elohim; He shall call every man to give account for the deeds on Earth and all the talent that they have received from their Creator. And He shall ask, what have you done with all the talent I have given you? Did you use it to tell the Truth and to serve Me? Or did you serve yourself or others? Did you compromise and play in the sandbox with the Devil by deceiving many? Did you use it to yank the Read more [...]