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Battle Scar

Yesterday I went to the Lord and asked Him, "Why me?" Today I got on my knees and thanked my Elohim and said, "My Lord, I am grateful that it was me." No matter what your struggles or trials might be in life, own it; wear it as a badge of honor. It is your scar, your shield.  Your journey is like no other, as uniquely your own. It is your DNA, your basic training! The military does not send its troops to the war front without basic skills and protections to be slaughtered. Why would our Lord do Read more [...]

Vic Richards’ Holistic Bodybuilding

Now that you have tried the rest, isn't it time to try Vic Richards Holistic Bodybuilding? Are you burning candle at both ends and having nothing to show for it? Vic Richards Holistic Bodybuilding method will help you build muscle that won't evaporate into thin air in your 40's, 50's and 60's. Vic Richards Holistic Bodybuilding is a methodically approached principle that will help you build on your capillary muscles to support the wear and tear that the your major muscles have sustained over years Read more [...]

State of the Iron

Just the first of more episodes to come! Get the inside scoop and go behind the scenes with legendary Lee Haney's training partner, Rick Giannone and wife Pam. . .talking about the real State of the Iron with Vic--everything that the magazines didn't tell you and more about bodybuilding.                                      Rick and Lee pushing the limits of the body for results.Rick and Lee training hard.    Part One: Part Two: Part Three: Read more [...]