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One Man’s Perspective

I'm humbled by fans and inspired by critics. I have always respected those that I have opposing views with, and those who have opposing views to mine. The fundamental spirit of human progression is to agree to disagree without persecution and repercussion. I don't believe any human should have to give up their freedom of speech just to pursue their passion--it would mean giving up your soul to gain the world. The human spirit cannot exist without freedom of speech or without being enlightened by Read more [...]

State of the Iron

Just the first of more episodes to come! Get the inside scoop and go behind the scenes with legendary Lee Haney's training partner, Rick Giannone and wife Pam. . .talking about the real State of the Iron with Vic--everything that the magazines didn't tell you and more about bodybuilding.                                      Rick and Lee pushing the limits of the body for results.Rick and Lee training hard.    Part One: Part Two: Part Three: Read more [...]

Big Game, Big Trophy and Good Old Country Living

                I would never have thought in a million years that I would be the one who would go back to harvesting wild meat: elk, deer, moose. I’ve always been conditioned to believe in the idea of why would we kill wild animals when we have an abundance of farm-raised meat to purchase in our neighborhood supermarket? I’ve come full circle: by learning that treasures are found in the least expected places. The so-called Rednecks who have always harvested from the land, and the so-called Read more [...]

Dedicated in Honor of Cassius Clay–AKA Muhammed Ali– My Great Mentor

On that Judgement Day, when all men are called by God to stand up in front of their Creator, Yahweh, Elohim; He shall call every man to give account for the deeds on Earth and all the talent that they have received from their Creator. And He shall ask, what have you done with all the talent I have given you? Did you use it to tell the Truth and to serve Me? Or did you serve yourself or others? Did you compromise and play in the sandbox with the Devil by deceiving many? Did you use it to yank the Read more [...]

Fitness Basics

Whether people are starting a new fitness program, wanting to change their current one, or wanting to get off the couch, there are some basics to follow. Some people look to magazines for information, but those magazines come out month after month—and what are they really saying? The same writers are writing the same articles—just under different names—and people are getting the same results (or worse, no results). We know that people will not pay for what they know—and some trainers will Read more [...]

10 Best Cancer Fighting Foods For Your Diet

With cancer affecting so many people in the world today, it's no wonder that people are looking for more ways to help fight off this disease. While medications and therapies like radiation and chemotherapy are surely effective in treating cancer, more studies have been emerging that link lifestyle changes to beating this disease. One of the ways in which anyone can take steps to reduce their risk for cancer is by eating the right foods. Utilize these healthy options in your diet to help fight off Read more [...]

Deadly Mix of Grapefruit and Drugs

Even small amounts of grapefruit have the potential to cause sudden death because of new chemical formulations, prescription drugs that interact badly with grapefruit have more than doubled in number since 2008, yet many doctors seem unaware of this, Canadian researchers report. "The number of drugs on the market with the potential to produce serious adverse and in many cases life-threatening effects when combined with grapefruit has markedly increased over the past few years from 17 to 43 in Read more [...]

Cut Calories with These Foods

Have you ever heard the theory that certain foods have a negative caloric effect, meaning they burn more calories during the digestive process than they contribute? (Celery and apples are often cited as examples.) Turns out the negative calorie theory is a myth. But that doesn’t mean some foods aren`t incredibly low-calorie and super-nutritious. Here’s a list of our favorite almost-zero calorie foods, with recipes ARUGULA -          Calories: 4 per cup - This delicate, peppery Read more [...]

Actions of GH

1. Anabolism: The anabolic activities somatotrofina meets critical for metabolic homeostasis. The major action of GH to stimulate protein synthesis. It is at least as powerful as testosterone, and their individual effects are additive or possibly synergistic. In addition to stimulating protein synthesis, GH mobilizes fat simultaneously direct lipolytic action. It seems more likely to stimulate protein synthesis through the mobilization of amino acid transporters in a manner similar to glucose Read more [...]