Correlation Between TV Evangelists & Supplement Companies

Anyone who is involved in the sport of bodybuilding and fitness needs to be a chef. There is no way around it. We need to look at our supermarket or grocery store as a pharmacy. However, we need to be aware because the same food that heals us can also poison us. Most people are lazy, do not want to make their own food and depend on a supplement company as the main source of their meals, giving the supplement company a blank check for fraud. Every time someone is lazy and wants someone else to do work for them, they become an easy target. All con artists are always looking for lazy, desperate people who want a quick fix. For every sucker, there is a taker.Patented_pills_quack_600 There are many foods and recipes out there that can help you get lean muscle mass. Natural foods, not chemicals. When you put food together yourself, you know exactly what's in it. Over 90% of supplements do not have the ingredients they promise, making their consumers spend more time on the toilet than in the gym. And they wonder why they don't see results because they spend all day having diarrhea instead of working on their body! There's no better correlation of the supplement industry and the consumer than TV evangelists and their followers. Bodybuilders and fitness people want their meal to be brought to them by the supplement industry instead of learning to make their own meals from scratch; just like the followers of TV evangelists want God brought to them instead of seeking Him out on their own and having a direct connection with Him. We all know the end result of this: opening up wallets for the con artists.


Caution: Supplements are not the problem but false claims and placebo ingredients.

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  1. Vinayak Killekar

    Hello Mr. Vic.. well have to appreciate truly from the bottom of my heart and intelligence of mind that whatever and whoever is maintaining your weblog post has truly mastered the knowledge base about body building skills.. thanks for generating your awareness and consciousness about all the fake out market and silly powder supplements.. looking forward to get your paid membership and consulting soon.. Thanks much a ton again and again


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