An Open Letter to Competitive Bodybuilders and the Bodybuilding World

As many great athletes compete for the Super Bowl of bodybuilding: "Mr. Olympia", and while many cheer and applaud them for committing slow suicide, we should not forget the memory of great bodybuilders who have met their untimely death in pursuit of this Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow. I know that my straight-forward approach of truth has even pissed off my fellow athletes, including those that I have tried to help. Hopefully one day, when it’s all said and done, they will realize that Read more [...]

One Man’s Perspective

I'm humbled by fans and inspired by critics. I have always respected those that I have opposing views with, and those who have opposing views to mine. The fundamental spirit of human progression is to agree to disagree without persecution and repercussion. I don't believe any human should have to give up their freedom of speech just to pursue their passion--it would mean giving up your soul to gain the world. The human spirit cannot exist without freedom of speech or without being enlightened by Read more [...]

Common Unnatural, Bizarre Human Behavior

Every time a person decides to take charge of their destiny, all hell will break loose. Pirates and vampires will become furious. Even those who could use your courageous acts for inspiration will even mock and ridicule you for standing up for them; not just for refusing to take the beaten path but also for trying to separate them from the herd. When it comes to human behavior, has something ever baffled you to the point that it seems unnatural and bizarre? Like people fighting against their own Read more [...]

Vic Richards’ Instinctive Training: It’s a Crusade, Not a Program

I came to the conclusion that when God has given you a gift, it’s not for you to hoard. Unlike many pro bodybuilders, I never wanted to be a bodybuilder and I didn’t know what bodybuilding was about. But, playing hooky as a 15-year old boy landed me at Gold’s Gym Venice Beach. This is spiritual because remember, God has a purpose of sending me to a place for deliverance. I put my pride and ego aside. To listened to my fans across the world who bombarded me with emails and said, “Victor, we Read more [...]