Battle Scar

Yesterday I went to the Lord and asked Him, "Why me?" Today I got on my knees and thanked my Elohim and said, "My Lord, I am grateful that it was me." No matter what your struggles or trials might be in life, own it; wear it as a badge of honor. It is your scar, your shield.  Your journey is like no other, as uniquely your own. It is your DNA, your basic training! The military does not send its troops to the war front without basic skills and protections to be slaughtered. Why would our Lord do that to his beloved children? He prepares us for the wars ahead. We may have thought that we had lost the battle but our trials and struggles are the basic training that will help us win the great battles ahead. Sometimes what seems like a curse ends up being a blessing. Every negative experience in our lives can be converted to positive energy.  Out of billions and billions of years of fossils comes petroleum, charcoal, diamonds and other precious stones. The universe was built by pure energy. Everything goes in circle and cycle, nothing is wasted if we choose to recycle it. The universe owes us nothing; it was here first and is going be here way after we are gone. It is up to us to conform with its rules and laws if we expect to reap its ultimate benefits.


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