An Open Letter to Competitive Bodybuilders and the Bodybuilding World

As many great athletes compete for the Super Bowl of bodybuilding: "Mr. Olympia", and while many cheer and applaud them for committing slow suicide, we should not forget the memory of great bodybuilders who have met their untimely death in pursuit of this Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow.

I know that my straight-forward approach of truth has even pissed off my fellow athletes, including those that I have tried to help. Hopefully one day, when it’s all said and done, they will realize that I'm coming from place of love. I pray that they will realize this not when they have lost a kidney, or are on dialysis, or are even facing death.

We all remember the great Andreas Munzer, Mohammed Benaziza and Nasser el Sonbaty. Many cheered them on while they were on stage competing, but after their untimely deaths, those same so-called fans were on the bodybuilding forums laughing and mocking their deaths—some even posted the photo of Andreas Munzer’s cold, pale, body naked on the autopsy table! It is important for these bodybuilder competitors to realize that just because they have millions of likes on social media, doesn't mean that those people really care. People who care about you will not applaud and cheer you on while you slowly commit suicide. We know that many of these cheerers did not contribute a penny for their tombstones, burial nor send funds to the orphans left behind. Nor would they send flowers or cards. . .they would  just look for the next fresh meat.

I want to send love and tranquility to many of my fellow bodybuilders who hate me for the harsh truth because one day, when the light is dimmed, the camera is off and all the fame has evaporated like vapor, they will come to realize that Vic Richards truly cared and loved them because he put himself on the line, lost so much money, and made so many enemies while trying to expose the exploitation that was sending them to their early graves.

One thought on “An Open Letter to Competitive Bodybuilders and the Bodybuilding World

  1. Sherrie Darling

    Hi Vic, nicely written with love. It has been a long time since I have read and/or seen much from you. It is nice to see your love for all bodybuilders.


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