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Victor Richards did not find bodybuilding; bodybuilding found him. Entering into the world of bodybuilding is intimidating for most, but to be thrust into the public eye from the age of 16 is incomprehensible. As a young man, Victor learned that he could use his natural genetic shape to achieve the goals he had in life. Bodybuilding was never his plan, but it allowed him the platform to teach others and help them reach their full potential. Victor quickly learned that bodybuilding was more holistic in its need for mental and physical wellness rather than physical showmanship.

Vic’s philosophies on bodybuilding have been controversial within the industry. His focus on competing with self instead of defeating others has not been well-received in the world of bodybuilding. Vic’s philosophy is that motivation should come from within, not without via trophies, awards, etc. His holistic focus towards bodybuilding incorporates the mind, body and spirit; this unconventional view has resulted in criticism of his commitment to the industry of bodybuilding.

Victor’s ability to debunk the fake gurus and snake-oil salesmen with his focus on finding your supplements in the produce aisles of the grocery store has not made him popular in the industry that promotes supplements and vitamins as the main source of nutrition. His philosophy is that a person’s main source of nutrition should be found in natural foods and anything else is secondary to a person’s health and well-being.

As Victor continues to focus on sharing his philosophy outside of the bodybuilding world, his legacy grows in volume and number. As more of the mainstream world begins to grasp and follow the ideas of self-improvement, self-reflection and self-care, his reputation as an expert in the field of bodybuilding becomes overshadowed by his reputation as a philosopher.